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2 Maranao Evacuees Got Married In An Evacuation Center In Lanao Del Sur


Newlyweds in Lanao


Love wins! Amid the ongoing war in Marawi City and its numerous effects on the lives of the affected families, two Maranao Muslim evacuees tied the knot and got married inside an evacuation center in Saguiaran, Lanao del Sur.

In an article from Bombo Radyo Cagayan de Oro, the love story of newlyweds Javier Sultan and Norhana Banto started when their sleeping areas are close to each other which gave them the opportunity to swap numbers and started to exchange messages declaring their affection for each other.

And after almost three months of staying in the same evacuation center and with the consent of both of their parents, they decided to despite the ongoing war between the Philippine military and Maute-ISIS terrorist group at their home city.

Although they were not happy about the conflict in Marawi City they thank God for the blessing that they cross each other’s path.

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