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27 Attacks Claimed By The NPA

27 Attacks Claimed By The NPA

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In an article posted by, the New People’s Army (NPA) has declared that they had successively initiated approximately 27 attacks in Region of Northern Mindanao and other neighboring areas.

According to a statement provided, it was explained that the series attacks made by the NPA signify the strong opposition to the US-Duterte regime and the counter attacks and defense of the military operations in Mindanao. Also, this is a way to show that they are still alive and ready to fight.

The attacks have led to nearly 13 deaths, and 12 injured from the government side within the first half of November 2017.

In addition, the NPA revealed that there were three communist rebels who were killed during military action, with this the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) also claimed that they are responsible for holding two policemen as the “prisoners of war” in Surigao City.

It was also stated that their doings affected militaries, policemen and civilian during the attacks.

Further, NPA criticized the government  for hosting the recently ASEAN summit, for gathering world leaders which accordingly for them will not bring good to the country, instead the country is opening its doors to foreigners that will take out the richness and bounty of natural resources.


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