30 High Powered Firearms Recovered In Lake Lanao

Source: Inquirer New


It’s been weeks since the Battle of Marawi had finally ceased. But, since then, security precautions are still being conducted every now and then to ensure the security inside Marawi and its neighboring cities.

And just this Sunday, November 12, during a search and clearing operation near the Bandaringin Mosque in Barangay Marinaut, military authorities have recovered 30 high-powered firearms from Lake Lanao.

In an article from Sunstar PH, deputy commander of Task Group Ranao Colonel Romer Brawner, revealed that a member of the search team saw a weapon visible from the area and later on discovered there were many more firearms under water.

Brawner shares that these weapons are owned by the terrorists, and were left thrown in the lake upon making their final escape after realizing their defeat in the battle.

Authorities are continuing on their search operation in the belief that more firearms owned by the terrorists can still be recovered from the area.

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