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4 Confirmed Dead in Landslides Caused by TS Basyang at Surigao del Sur

Photos: (left) Inquirer.Net, (right) REPRESENTATION ONLY,

Tuesday, February 13, 2018. According to authorities, four (4) people were killed in a deadly landslide at Surigao del Sur earlier this morning.

This happened when Tropical Storm Basyang landed in the region causing heavy rain and slammed the east coast of Mindanao with blasts of wind up to 75 kilometers an hour.

Municipal Police Chief, James Alendogao, said that the heavy rain triggered landslides in mountain villages outside the mining town of Carrascal, Surigao del Sur which killed four of its residents.

He also added that most areas affected by the landslides are currently inaccessible. Surveys¬†are being conducted but they still don’t have enough data to conclude how much damage the area has received.

As of now, no additional casualties have been recorded. And PAG-ASA said that the storm is expected to move swiftly northwest over the next 24 hours, bringing moderate to heavy rain across the central Philippines.


Source: Inquirer.Net

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