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Ali Zandra Chongbian’s winning moment at the Spartan Race Philippines

Definitely, a Kagayan-anon has the will, strength, and fitness, whatever it takes to be a Spartan. Just this September 23, 2017, during the inaugural Philippines Sprint in Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal, Ali Zandra Chongbian from Cagayan de Oro City overcame the obstacles and hailed as the newest spartan Pinoy Female Elite Champion.

Source: Quirky Threads

More than just a race, Spartan Race is a sport, community, a philosophy, as well as a training and nutrition program with daily advice, podcast, series of books, activities for kids, workout gears, media channel, and sport series, all in all comprising a well-rounded goal to set for those who want to have a fit and active lifestyle.

With its combination of running and a variety of physical challenges, any Spartan Race requires strength, stamina, the knowledge and skill to conquer each obstacle effectively and as fast as possible.

Below are some photos that showcase the obstacles in a Spartan Race.

Imagine all these obstacles one has to go through without quitting to finally end the course what more if you top the race. Here is a quick video of Ali Zandra Chongbian’s winning moment posted by Spartan Race Philippines.

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