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Amor Bakeshop Café – sBread Your Love Opens at Limketkai Mall

Amor Bakeshop Café – with its tagline, sBread Your Love – is the newest bakery and café to open in Cagayan de Oro, but it’s a different kind. This Manila and Luzon-based bakery-café is the first in its line to open in Mindanao, and outside of Luzon. It is located on the 2nd level of the East Annex Building at the Limketkai Center Mall just across from Shopwise. Being a bakeshop, it offers a wide array of breads and pastries as well as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, beverages, smoothies, and light meals.

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Center

Amor Bakeshop and Café is a different experience for Cagayanons as it brings a trend from Manila wherein customers can choose any bread, pastry, or cake slice they like on display and go “dine-in” inside the café. They can also order form the various milk tea, fruit tea, fresh tea, frapmor (similar to a frappe but more on the smoothie side), hot coffee, iced coffee, and smoothie.

Milk teas, fruit teas, fresh teas, iced coffee, and smoothies are sold in 500ml and 700ml sizes. Frapmors are only sold in 500ml size. Hot coffee is sold in 350ml and 500ml sizes. You can order add-ons with your drinks if you prefer not to partake from their breads, pastries, and cakes. They also have a couple of Combo light meals at only P149, which saves you around P25. You have a choice between the Pizza Bread + Milk Tea combo or the Sweet Bread + Smoothie combo.

Image Source | Facebook: Amor Bakery

They have an opening promotion wherein for every purchase of at least 2 items you get a 20% discount. This is from February 18 to 28. Everything is baked fresh daily.

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Center

The ambiance of the place feels like the Café France bakeries that actually started this trend in Manila. A closed area serves as the café itself while the open area houses the main counter and display area for the bread, pastries, and cakes. The main counter outside offers fast “get and go” for those just passing by to buy bread on the go or take out. The walls are lined with shelves that are itself lined with books, teddy bears, and other household decors that make diners feel, well, at home.

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Center

The teddy bears are there because order numbers are printed on them, so you get to hold the fluffy toy while waiting for your order, dine-in or take-out. The shelves are colored artistically and the wooden furniture can be quirky but beautiful. You could say that it’s a mixture of the classic and modern. A few Amor branches in Manila even looks, feels, and decorated like Mary Grace Restaurants. Some branches in Manila have second floors so students and others can hang out with their orders. Many Kagay-anons going to Manila or living there and who have tried the Amor Bakeries there swear to the tasty and delicious breads and other produce, the taste and quality being of really top quality. Kagay-anons going to school in Manila will also attest to the high quality taste of Amor’s products. In fact, many Amor Bakery and Café branches are intentionally located near schools.

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Center

Although all Amor Bakeries in Manila and Luzon intentionally don’t have Wi-Fi so people can talk with each other freely, this one in Cagayan de Oro is inside the mall so the mall’s Wi-Fi will probably kick in. Some of their bestsellers like the nutty flake pastry, garlic bread, onion bread, pizza bread, meat-corn-cheese bread, and tuna pizza are big enough for a lunch meal, accompanied with a beverage. Other bestsellers are the onion and cheese flat bread, spicy floss, ham and egg cheese bread, and custard roll. They do have donuts and croissants for those who haven’t tired of these from other cafes, but Amor’s donuts and croissants are delightful and taste deliciously different from the traditional fare.

We all know that Kagay-anons love their bread, pastries, sweets, and other baked delights, and the more unique these are created, all the better for the taste buds. So, if you’re tired of the usual coffee places with so-so pastries and bread, or donut places that can give your sugar levels too much of a high, Amor Bakeshop and Café is the place to go because of the wide choices of breads, pastries, and other produce that is ideal for almost everyone’s palate and taste. There’s something for coffee or tea lovers as well as those who love other beverages. It’s a great place for snacks, light lunches, light dinners, or simply buying something for the home on the go. Time to sBread Your Love for bread.

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