Apple’s iPhone X, Bringing Users to a Whole New Mobile Experience

Apple releases new and improved iPhone X

Tech savvies are now going about on craze for the latest product release of newest iPhone X by one of the world’s leading providers of handheld and computer technologies, Apple Inc.

The iPhone X does not look like the typical iPhone phone but was made to acquire features that satisfy the ideals of users. According to an article from, the mobile phone does not have any buttons on the front and users can only see a Super Retina Display 1125×2436 OLED screen. Its casing is also made of stainless steel just like the iPhone 4.

Optical Light Emitting Diode (OLED)  is the material used in the iPhone X screen which sets it apart from other iPhones Apple has ever developed. In comparison, LCD screens that are normally used in some devices will lit up every pixel of any colors even those that are black so that you will be seeing a grayish hue on the image you are viewing and not pure black. With OLED, black colors stay black and all other pixels that are needed for the image you are viewing are the only ones that will be stressed and defined. It would result to dark hues even darker and other colors even richer which mean a more refined and realistic image viewing.

The side buttons are also retained for the Siri function and double click, you get the Apple Play. It is also run by the Apple’s latest processor system, the All Bionic, and with an additional 3 GB of RAM.

With the additional features it has, it does not go off quickly and in fact, its battery life lasts for two more hours compared to a normal iPhone phone. When it goes low bat, the user will not have to plug it somewhere since it already uses inductive pads as chargers wherein it will just need to be put a top of the pad and it will now charge until it gets full.

iPhone X allows its users to shoot just like pro videographers and photographers while capturing images in slow motion and in 4K quality film production. It also boasts of the newest Face ID wherein you will get to imprint your identity in the device’s system through face recognition. By doing this, users can have a very secure phone lock and it will unlock only if the face of its user will appear for scanning.

With all the things technology has gone so far to amaze our eyes and to bring us to a whole new experience, there are still many things that we are about to discover and develop for those who will appreciate it. For the next few years, we are bound to meet other new things for a different brand of happiness and satisfaction.

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