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Bathe and Relax at Ardent Hibok Hibok Spring #WheninCamigiun

Ardent Hot Spring


Probably the most satisfying travel experience of all is to have time for relaxation. We all know that traveling can be a grueling adventure especially for those who are thrill-seekers. Loving the outdoors is kind of over-bearing sometimes to our physical body and it takes a toll on our health. However, having the time to relax is sure way to enjoy every other adventure that you may encounter, top it all off with a nature-filled experience and serenity.

Ardent Hot Spring is located in Camiguin Island – just minutes away from the tourist beaches  in Agoho and Yumbing. The spring is situated at the foot of Mount Hibok Hibok which you would probably guess why the water is steamy hot. The water in the spring is crystal clear you can actually feel the soothing effects of it once you dip in. There are different pools in the area, one on top being the hottest for about 40 degrees Celsius while the other ones below on average 35 degrees.

Ardent Hot Spring


Entrance fee on the hot spring is P30 only (depending on holidays). There are also huts available for rent where you can put on all your belongings and have a feast with your family and friends. The rent is about P150 pesos for three hours of use while the regular huts are at P70. There are also rooms if you wish to stay for the night. P1,200 for a twin bed room or family room (max of 5pax) is about P2,750.

Traveling can sometimes be stressful especially when you went for many outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, biking, zip lining etc., however, there are also ways to relax. Just get the right mix of activities in your adventure itineraries and switch in-between some time for relaxation.

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