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Binacake sa Latik Launching at Rhythm Café Cagayan Riverview Inn

The Rhythm Café at the Cagayan Riverview Inn formally launched its new dessert and “pasalubong” product called Binacake sa Latik last February 3, 2016, at the Rhythm Café located on the ground floor of the Cagayan Riverview Inn along Vamenta Boulevard in Carmen, almost in front of the Civil Service office.

Binacake sa Latik is a modern take on the old-time Filipino snack or “Merienda” called “binaki,” the sweet corn sweet tamales steamed corn cake.

The Binacake created by Rhythm Café uses the same ingredients for Binaki, these being ground cornmeal, milk, butter, baking powder, and sugar or condensed milk. However, instead of the usual long and round shape of binaki, the Binacake is unique because it is formed like a cake. Just before the launching, the guests were treated with appetizers paired with Tsing Tao Beer, a Taiwanese-based beer, and one of the foreign beers being offered at the Café and its new Gazebo venue.

The coverage of the event was well covered by the media and CDO’s top bloggers such as CDEO.PH, CDODEV.COM, Ms. Maia Poblete and Mr. Edu Ragpala from CDO Bloggers, Urban Life Gold Star Daily, Business Week Mindanao, and the team from About Cagayan de Oro (ACADEO). The more important guests included representatives from the Department of Tourism, Johnny Willy Biwang – winner of Barangay Gwapo 2016, and Bon Aserios.

Ms. Jocelyn G. Balbon – The genius behind Binacake sa Latik.

Binacake sa Latik is actually the brainchild of Ms. Jocelyn Gordiel Balbon and their marketing officer, Mr. Elton Ladd Batinga, who also hosted the show.

Mr. Elton Ladd Batinga – Binacake sa Latik Marketing Officer

Mr. Batinga gave a little talk about the short history as well as a product description of the Binacake. A couple of videos were also shown about the Binacake.

When time came for the guests to partake of the Binacake sa Latik, different toppings were laid out to show everyone that the Binacake goes well with such things as blueberry jam, strawberry jam, caramel syrup, bacon bits, cheese, ham, cheese sauce, muscovado, and of course, the real Latik syrup.

Guests were also told that Binacake actually goes well with red wine, white wine, and even beer since cornmeal food does not contain barley and yeast that expands in the stomach when you drink alcoholic drinks and beer. As part of their promotions, guests were given a feedback survey form in rating their product, which also served as raffle entries.

On the raffle draw, 1 winner got the main prize being tickets to the Riverview Inn’s Straight from the Heart Valentine’s Day Buffet at the Gazebo. 2 other winners got 1 box each of whole Binacake. For their Instagram and Facebook Photo contest winners, the prize was an overnight stay good for two at the Riverview Inn.

All guests were given boxed samples of the Binacake with Latik syrup plus printouts with product knowledge and history and other contact information.

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