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Brgy. Chief Says Heavy Traffic Meets at Gusa Area Due to Coastal Road Opening

Brgy. Chief Says Heavy Traffic Meets at Gusa Area Due to Coastal Road Opening

Source: ProjectLupad

Barangay Gusa Chairman Marlo Tabac said that the newly opened coastal road particularly at the Gusa junction may experience heavy traffic during peak hours.

In an article by Sunstar Cagayan de Oro, Tabac said that traffic along the coastal road during the morning can still be controlled but in later times from 4 to 7 pm, heavy traffic sets in for a while but not for too long.

The traffic according to Tabac starts from the barangay hall of Brgy. Gusa up to the overpass and intersection at the  national highway. Also experiencing a heavy flow of traffic during peak hours are from the coastal road itself towards the boundary of Barangay Lapasan.

The barangay chief said that before the coastal was opened to the public, the scope of the traffic along CM Recto Avenue was split to several junctional points. However, when the coastal road was opened to motorists,the traffic eventually was concentrated to major roads leading to Barangay Gusa, making it now the bottleneck of  all vehicles from the city proper.

With the traffic concern, Tabac will be coordinating with the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) and to the highway patrol group to station more personnel to regulate the flow of traffic

along the national highway and the coastal road. In addition to that, more traffic signs, traffic lights, and pedestrian passes are seen to decongest the traffic in the area.

He added that the RTA should also conduct a study on how to make use of other barangay roads that are also connected to the coastal road. He also suggested that the coastal road should be extended to Barangay Puerto.


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