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CDeO police senior inspector accused for beating partner



Last May 16, 2017, netizens were alarmed when a post by a certain Kesha Pol Sy went viral on Facebook.

An article from disclosed that Sy’s facebook post claimed that a police official, named Stephen Latar,  beat a woman who happened to be Sy’s sister.

The post revealed images of the victim having bruises on different parts of her body. The Facebook post also stated that Sy’s camp already filed charges against Latar and that they are determined to put him in jail.

On the other hand, the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (COCPO) affirmed that a certain Stephen Latar is currently assigned to the City Public Safety Company (CPSC) as a police senior inspector.

The COCPO is unaware of the incident but assured that they will look into the claims of Sy.
As of this writing, Facebook already banned the said post.

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