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Kagay-anon Christmas: What CDO Products To Buy To Make Christmas More Special


cdo products christmas

You’re left with just a few days before Christmas day yet you haven’t decided what to buy to complete your set of noche buena? Leave the worries behind for we have listed some of the “Tatak Cagayan de Oro” products that will definitely make your celebration more special.

Bigby’s Ham

For only P550, you can already serve Bigby’s Premium High Quality Pineapple Ball Ham to your tables. And to make this Christmas ham become more fantastic, follow the simple steps being instructed on the video above.

Boy Zugba’s Cheezzy Chorizo

cdo products christmas

Want to try something new to serve on your noche buena coming Christmas eve? Have Boy Zugba’s Cheezzy Chorizo. Have it for only P250 per half kg or P495 per 1kg.

Brownie Bites

cdo products christmas

Desserts can never be out of our noche buena. Let Brownie Bites fill that portion of your table. Dark and fudgy with just the right level of sweetness. Surely, kids and kids at heart will love to keep digging for more. Make your dearest family friends’ Christmas more special by sharing a box of Brownie Bites.

Missy Bon Bon Goodies

cdo products christmas

For sure, your family and friends are waiting for you to give them Missy Bon Bon Goodies as a gift this Christmas. For only P495/set, it already includes Missy Bon Bon’s Pastel Bundle 3 Flavors 6s, Cheese Ensaymada, and Milky Biscocho.

Mercedes Bakery’s Pineapple Crumble

cdo products christmas

Made from fresh pineapples (not canned) from Del Monte plantation in Bukidnon and home-made butter locally produced in Bukidnon, Mercedes Bakery’s Pineapple Crumble freshly baked pie is among favorite CDO pasalubong treats. And there’s no excuse for you not to serve this on your noche buena.

Chez Marie’s KitKat Confetti Cake

cdo products christmas

Have this cake which is as colorful and sweet as this coming Christmas Day. Chez Marie’s KitKat Confetti Cake will definitely be loved by your kids.

Kataste Chili Sauce

cdo products christmas

Spice up your Christmas celebration with Kataste Chili Sauce, a Filipino-style hot sauce made from the hottest chili peppers in the world, the Jolokia peppers. Definitely the 1st homemade appetizing chili sauce in Cagayan de Oro, a perfect partner to any of your favorite food.

Mamsuy’s Spanish Style Sardines

cdo products christmas

Decades of perfecting superior taste has made Mamsuy’s Spanish Style Sardines one of the best known premium quality sardines in the Cagayan de Oro, Philippines today. Each microwaveable container of Mamsuy’s Sardines is homemade, guaranteed to be fresh, tender, and packed with essential nutrients (esp. Omega fatty acids and calcium) which are vital to a healthy diet.

This mouth-watering, premium sardines dish is cooked with natural ingredients and no preservatives. Have this as a present for your family and friends.

Nanay Choleng’s Muron

cdo products christmas

Place the best tasting murons in your noche buena and it will definitely become an instant star. It can come with various flavors.

Know that Christmas is not about the grand noche buena, but is about celebrating it with family and friends. Spread the love!

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