Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act takes full effect today

05192017 - children on board act


Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act or RA No. 10666 takes full effect starting today, May 19, 2017. An act providing for the safety of Children aboard motorcycles.

The policy aims to defend the right of children to assistance, including proper care and nutrition, and special protection from all forms of neglect, abuse, cruelty, exploitation and other conditions prejudicial to their development.


(1) children whose feet can’t reach the foot peg

(2) children who cannot wrap their arms around the driver’s waist

(3) children without any protective gear such as helmet

(4) children are not allowed to ride along public roads with a heavy volume of vehicle traffic or high-density of fast-moving vehicles and where the speed limit is more than 60 kilometers per hour

Violation of the law will be null or revoke on cases such as transporting a child because of emergency situations and if in need of immediate medical attention.


Any person violating the law will be punished with the following penalties:

1st offense –  P3000

2nd offense –  P5000

3rd offense –  P10000 and suspension of driver’s license for one month

4th offense – automatic revocation of the offender’s driver’s license


Source: GMA News

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