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City Council Proposes Ordinance to Allow Traffic Enforcers Get Shares from Collected Fines

City Council Proposes Ordinance to Allow Traffic Enforcers Get Shares from Collected Fines


The City Council of Cagayan de Oro City is planning to bring back the scheme which allows Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) Enforcers to get a share of the collected fines from those who violated the traffic rules and regulations of the city.

In an article from Sunstar Cagayan de Oro, Committee of Public Utilities City Councilor Teodulfo “Bong” Lao said that the new and revised version of the scheme that was reportedly dissolved two years ago will include a ruling that will prevent traffic enforcers from abusing their power to implement.

The scheme otherwise called as Ordinance No. 7829-2001 provides that RTA enforcers will get a 30 percent share of the fines collected from and paid by traffic violators of the city.

It could be remembered that the previous version of the scheme was smeared with controversies and was pushed to be nullified by former Councilor Ramon Tabor who was then the Chairperson of the Committee on Police, Fire, and Public Safety.

Tabor said that some RTA personnel who were tasked to implement the old version of the scheme would use to have the modus of hiding and waiting for anybody to violate the sharing ordinance so that they could collect more penalties from violators.

Meanwhile, Lao reasoned out that, in the past two years,  the number of violators and the performance of enforcers when it comes to penalizing drivers within the city is still high even without the presence of a sharing law.

RTA Chief Edgardo Uy is hopeful that the scheme will be approved because he believes that traffic enforcers are deserving of any incentive given to them because even with their small salary, they were still able to perform. He added that this will boost the morale of RTA enforcers more in their line of work.

Aside from the traffic enforcers, the fines collected will also be shared with the deputized traffic enforcers such as barangay police and police officers who are taking part in the effort to moderate the road traffic in the city.

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