Defense Secretary says “Arrest Order No. 3” is ‘fake news’

Justice Secretary says "Arrest Order No. 3" is fake news

Source: Nikkei Asian Review

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana last Saturday, July 8, said that spreading news about a Martial Law “Arrest Order No. 3” is not true.

In an article from, Lorenzana made the statement after he received some reports about an “Arrest Order No. 3”  has been circulating which he claimed to be only a “fake news”.

Lorenzana called on to the public to refrain from spreading what he considered as “fake news” as such moves will certainly imperil the current operations of the department.

He also said that the some of his friends from the Muslim community reached out to him and said that the document falsely listed some Muslim people who have nothing to do with terrorism or with terrorist groups.

With the Martial Law in Mindanao already in its 49th day since ratification, Lorenzana is now looking into the possibility of its extension depending on the assessment being conducted by the Philippine military.


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