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Father of Maute Siblings arrested in a checkpoint in Davao

father of maute brothers arrested in Davao

In an article from, the father of the founders of the Maute rebel group Cayamora Maute was arrested yesterday June 6, in a checkpoint in Davao.

The father of the Maute brothers, together with his wife, Kongan, were apprehended at a Task Force Checkpoint in Sirawan, Toril, Davao while trying to pass through the area to seek medical treatment.

Authorities said that the 67 years old Maute was aboard a Toyota Grandia van from Cotabato City.

Three others were also arrested. Driver Aljon Salazar Esmael, Bensarali Tingao and his wife Norjannah, daughter of Maute, were also found aboard the vehicle and have been held by police for investigation.

Maute is the father of Abdullah and Omarkhayyam Maute who are the alleged founders of the Maute terrorist group.

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