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The Filipino Game Developer who knocked-out Pokemon Go off the top game list


Image Source: Derrick Mapagu Facebook Account

Last October 2016, the game “Flippy Bottle Extreme” became a global hit with over two million downloads in just 10 days beating out top games such as Temple Run 2, Pokemon Go and Color Switch. It also became the number one game in Google Play in various countries.

Behind its success is a 29-year old Filipino Game Developer Derrick Alain M. Mapagu. Derrick is the CEO and all around developer of “Most Played Games” which Flippy Bottle Extreme is listed.

According to an article from Entrepeneur.com.ph, Derrick’s love for game development started when was still in grade school. He dreamt of developing the next Starcraft and wishes to work with Blizzard someday.

Before he founded his company, he was juggling around jobs such becoming a creative director for various digital solutions company and a college instructor at De LaSalle College of St. Benilde.

His goal is to create the next billion download game and started working on his own company. They started out in a small office with only three employees and later grew his team with an artist and marketing staff to help them.

He plans to put the Philippines in the game development map and encourage young Filipinos to pursue their love of creating games.

Derrick said the success of “Flippy Bottle Extreme” is that it is specifically made for the target market.

Download the game now available on Google Play Store – check it out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mostplayed.flippybottle&hl=en

Source: Entrepereneur.com.ph

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