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Easy, Cute and Must Try Finger Food Recipes for Christmas Party!


Twenty-three days to go before Christmas! Do you now hear children singing Christmas carols? Are you prepared for your upcoming Christmas parties? Since it’s already December the 2nd, many people are getting busy buying goods and ingredients for their Noche Buena. We expect that during Christmas, lots of food are being prepared for this once a year celebration. Ham, Lechon, salad and among others are commonly served and are always present. But aside from that heavy and huge slice of  food, finger foods are very convenient especially for kids as they tend to pick food on the table. These finger foods could also add color to your table. Here are easy and cute do it yourself finger foods. Check it out!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees

Image Source: Lovely Little Kitchen

Image Source: Lovely Little Kitchen

Aren’t they adorable? These cute Christmas trees can be done without cooking or baking. Yes, you have read it right, no bake, no cook just decorate and slice. Easy right? Then, why don’t you try and make some of these cute little trees?

Here’s a video for you to learn how to make it.

Here are some tips for you to have it in an affordable way. Instead of white chocolate coated on the biscuit, you can just remove the other side of the biscuit, leaving the white filling. And for the green coating, you can use a green icing. Just easy and affordable.

3D Snowman Cookies

Ta da!

Image Source: Cake Time

Image Source: Cake Time

We’re done with Christmas trees, now we have a snowman. Do you wanna build a snowman? Well, you can have your cute edible snowman in just a minute. It’s just so easy that you won’t shed any sweat.

Let’s do this! Before anything else, we need some ingredients, buy oreo biscuits or any brand of biscuits as long as it has a white filling and then we need some, orange and black food coloring. Now that you have your ingredients, you just have to assemble your snowman. So first, remove one side of the biscuit, leaving the white filling and the other cookie. Cut it in small, medium and large sizes. Stack the biscuits and decorate it using your food coloring. Easy right?

Reindeer Cookies

Image Source: Meet the Dubiens

Image Source: Meet the Dubiens

The ever so simple, easy and cute finger food you can have. You just need a cookie, a chocolate cream stick or commonly known by brand “Krim Stix,” and chocolate-coated tidbits or known as “Nips.” Are your ingredients with you? Then let’s get started!

First, to do is place your cookie on a flat surface and then use the chocolate cream to decorate and draw the horns and eyes of the reindeer. Place some cream before putting the choco-coated tidbits to stick it on the cookie. And you’re done!

Banana Strawberry Santas

Image Source: cleanandscentsible

Image Source: cleanandscentsible

We already made a Christmas tree, a snowman, and a reindeer and who’s gonna ride those cute reindeer? Santa Claus! So we’re gonna have these easy banana strawberry Santas.

For the ingredients, we need large marshmallows which are cut in half, bananas which are also cut in half or any size you prefer, strawberries, chocolate sprinkle or chocolate flavored Krim Stix, chocolate-coated tidbits or the “Nips” and sticks or toothpicks.

Take note: Bananas turns brown when they were peeled off and it is not that presentable to be placed on the table and so to prevent them from getting brown, you have to dip the bananas in lemon or orange juice.

So let’s start making Santas! You have to skewer first the bananas, then the marshmallow, the strawberry, and another small marshmallow. Add details for Santa’s face, use your Krim Stix for the eyes and Nips for his nose. There you go, your very own banana strawberry Santas.

When we hear Christmas party, we can never say no to foods being served that almost filled the tables. These finger foods are not just tasty and cute but they could also give life to your table. You could have them as additional decorations served on your table. They are so simple, easy, colorful, cute, and affordable, even kids could make it. Enjoy and have a wonderful and joyful Christmas party!

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