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Fire engulfs Hotel Conchita and Palaña Grocers in CdeO

Fire engulfs hotel conchita

Source: Noli de la Rita Facebook

Cagayan de Oro City’s Hotel Conchita was engulfed by fire yesterday, July 13, around 11 PM that was escalated to Task Force Alpha level due to the gravity of destruction.

In an article from ABS-CBN News Website, a fire that started at the nearby Palaña Grocers Plaza has spilled over the 5-storey hotel. The fire suspectedly started on the first floor of the grocery center where an air conditioner was being repaired.

Some guests of the hotel were then evacuated due to the thickening of smoke developed from the fire.

Firefighters needed to use oxygen tanks and “man lifts” to be able to finally dissolve the fire.

Source: Noli de la Rita Facebook


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