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Firefighters rushed to assist woman on labor, baby born outside CDeO Firestation

firefighters cdeo baby delivery

Source: BFP R10/FB Page

From the Bureau of Fire Protection Region 10 (BFP-10) news article, a woman had her labor in front of Cagayan de Oro City Fire District Office yesterday around 6:10 in the evening.

Accordingly, the incident happened when FO3 Cordenillo was informed that Ms. Janet Diocoño was in the process of delivering her baby.

The Shift A Firefighters/Rescue Personnel rushed to assist the process of delivering a baby outside the station. Upon arriving at the edge of the road fronting the station, the baby’s head is already visible.

After the delivery, the mother and her baby were moved to Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) for medical care.

Congratulations to the Emergency Medical Team of Cagayan de Oro City Fire District who had successfully assisted the delivery of Ms. Diocoño with a healthy baby boy.


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