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Get The Latest Higalaay Festival Promos and Discounts Now!

Higala, get the latest promos and discounts at your favorite establishment this Higalaay Festival!!! Happy Fiesta mga Higala!

Barneys Burger

Buy 1 and get 50% off on your favorite Barneys Burger located at Cagayan Town Center and Grand Central.

Cucina Higala 

Cucina Higala brings you Humba de Oro Higalaay Treat! 50% OFF on our Humba de Oro anytime from August 21-28! Bring your higala with you and feast on this once-in-a-fiesta gastronomic experience! *Promo is for dine-in customers only.

Bucket O’ Shrimps

From Aug. 15-31 Dine in and get FREE pitcher of Pepsi.

Shake and Brew Cafe

Shake and Brew has a treat for you! P88 only for any of these Frappe you choose! ????


Bean Voyage

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