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Get Soaked and Wild at Balisbisan Falls in Impasugong, Bukidnon


You think you’ve seen it all. Think again! This waterfall will definitely fall under your bucket list of outdoor adventures and guess what? This fall is stretched a hundred meters – it is so vast and unique that it is worthwhile to visit.

The fall has no river source, in fact, it is a tributary to Atugan River that runs through the curvy wall of Atugan Canyon. The long stretch of the canyon randomly sprouts water which is sprinkling and showering like a waterfall.

Before going to the main cascades of the waterfall, you would need to travail a mile stretch of pathways descending to the Agutan River. Once you see the river’s clear water, you will soon discover some random water sprouts at the sides of the canyon leading up to the main cascades of the waterfall just right ahead.

Going to this remote location is kind of easy and tedious at the same time. If you want a faster route you can actually hire a tour guide at their local municipality.

From CdeO, just take a ride at the local bus terminal bound for Davao. Dropped off at Crossing Palatungan, Impasugong. Ride a habal-habal going to Poblacion and not far from the Atugan Bridge enter a road passing through a banana plantation in Sitio Kibangan. After about 2 kilometers you will reach a lone hut and then traverse near a pathway leading to the rivers.



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