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Gift ideas you can give to your Ex this Christmas

How come we ended up talking about something we should have probably moved on or forget, however, Christmas is the time for giving (right?), the time for healing and the time to be joyous (right?), so whatever you’re feeling right now about moving on or you feel like crying because you remember the last Christmas you spent together – get a grip and face the next year head on.

Here are wonderful gift ideas you can give to your ex-lovers this Christmas.

Compile Every Love Songs You Shared Together

Image Source: Behance

Image Source: Behance

“Got To Believe in Magic” – Nah! For some reason, we hate listening to love songs we remember our exes by. Whenever we hear the song on the radio is just good to turn it off or put our earphones on (or just throw the damn thing away).

These love songs portray a moment in our lives that we want to forget because it is just painful (sad reality). One way or another, the songs remind us of the fact that you are not together anymore and it feels like these songs pull us back to happy yet sad moments in our lives.

So why not give your ex a compilation of these songs. Not only would he remember the times that you were together, he sure would be thinking of you this Christmas.

Buy him/her the gift you always wanted but he/she just doesn’t give a damn!

Image Source: Valentines Day Quotes

Image Source: Valentines Day Quotes

Remember the things you always wanted for him/her to buy? But he/she just forget or has so many excuses that you just want to bump his head to get a permanent amnesia to just get over with.

The bouquets? love cards? couple rings and couple shirt? Xbox and computer games? (way too expensive, don’t buy these – buy it for yourself), pizza midnight delivery? And much more.

It would really surprise him/her to see that you have bought him/her what you always wanted when he/she just can’t. That would bring in memories of your fights over these things and he/she would recall how you always asked for these things but he/she never had the time to buy.

Send him/her a picture of you enjoying the trip you two had planned but never had the time to go to

Image Source: Barefoot Traveller

Image Source: Barefoot Traveller

The Sad reality about having a relationship is that you always build your aspirations and dreams with that person. And sometimes you dream together and you dream about having that special vacation you two would always want to have. You would daydream about dinner by the beach in Boracay or a Trip to Disneyland Hongkong, however, this would always remain a distant future as the two of you are busy bickering or fighting or never had the chance to save up.

Take a photo of that special moment of flying to where you two always want to be and send it to him or her via postcard. That would surely remind him/her the times you two had always planned but never had the chance to fulfill it.

Christmas holiday is a signal of a year-end, and a new year is just looming around for you to explore. So whatever you are feeling about your ex, always remember there is another year ahead of you.

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