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Good Samaritan Lechonero Returns Bag of Cash to Rightful Owner

Source: Superbalita CDO

American National, Mark Joseph Rossel was very grateful for the actions of a stranger who found his bag of cash and important documents.

It was during the evening of December 17, 2017 when lechonero and owner Sergio Lauron noticed a handbag left along Yacapin-Burgos Streets.

Knowing that the right thing to do is to return it the rightful owner, Sergio surrendered the bag to the authorities of Police Station 1 Divisoria.

It was then revealed that the bag contained a handful of US dollar bills, cell phone, passport, visa, wallet and a pouch.

Source: Superbalita CDO

Mark was very grateful for Sergio’s act of kindness despite the fact that they don’t know each other personally.

According to the authorities, Mark was waiting for a cab when he left the bag on the ground. The incident happened when Mark went to secure some of his stuff and they were busy finishing tasks while moving to their new home

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