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Government Trooper Proposes to Long-time Girlfriend After Winning Battle Against Marawi Terrorists

Marawi fighter proposes to long time girlfriend after Marawi siege

Source: Angely Lowao

After the victory of the government troops in defeating the forces of terrorism in Marawi City, government trooper PO1 Alexis Tagapulot proposed to his longtime girlfriend during the welcome ceremonies last October 25 at the Camp Vicente Alagar in Cagayan de Oro City.

Video Credit: Manuel Torregosa

Alexis’ girlfriend for three years, Angely Lowao, said a resounding “yes” when his boyfriend, who just had arrived after five months of battle with the Maute-ISIS terrorist group, knelt on his knees and asked for her hands to marriage.

The video of the couple was also featured in the ABS-CBN late night news show, Bandila and has drawn a lot of praises and good wishes from the viewers.

Now that they are already engaged, the couple plans to get married by next year.


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