Government troops attacks Maute hideout with 30 bomb offensive attacks

30 bombs released by military troops against Maute terrorists

Source: Bombo Radyo Philippines

The Philippine military has intensified its offensive attacks against its major adversary, the Maute terrorist-group, in the continuity of the war between the military and Islamic-extremist groups by releasing 30 bombs at the battle ground in the city.

In an article from Bombo Radyo Philippines, a Philippine Air Force (PAF) was spotted releasing bomb rockets aiming at the terrorists’ hideout.

Aside from the OV-10 Bronco plane bomber of PAF, the Philippine Marines has provided back up by conducting a search operation at every house in the battleground where 60 to 70 terrorist members are believed to be hiding.

While government troops are now on heightened offense against terrorist forces lurking around the city, they are also doing their operations with extra caution to avoid putting more than 300 terrorist hostages in harm’s way.

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