Hugo Skye Lounge Presents the STRAT Summit Musical Event

On Friday, December 16, Soundtable Repository Alumni Tribunal in cooperation with Hugo Skye Lounge presented the Strat Summit 2016 at the Hugo Skye Lounge.

This live music event featured popular local bands such as December Avenue, Bethany, KRNA, Annalogue, Autopilot, Superflirts, This Being, and Rakatoa. The entrance was charged P250 and this included a free beer.

Before the bands performed on stage, DJ’s first played some electronic dance tunes to entertain the crowd.

The About Cagayan de Oro team was lucky enough to partake of some of the delicious bestsellers of Hugo Skye Lounge that were served as samplings.

Team Acadeo enjoying their tasty dinner.

Acadeo Representative with Hugo Skye’s General Manager – Mr. Erick Canosa

This included Sizzling Sisig, Beef Steak, Roasted Chicken, and Fish Tausi.

The Strat Summit 2016 was sponsored by Sierra Del Oro, South Vapor, Cube, 99 Ranch Buffet and Pub, Orsicus, Philtown Hotel, KO Boxing and Fitness, Anjo’s Diner, JiRock Guitar Custom, Cedar Clinical Laboratory, Splash Wash Depot, and I-Care Global Voice Solution, Inc.

This Being is a fairly new local band that just released its album on Soundcloud called The BuwanBuwan Collective. The album features the group’s hits such as “Stimulator Jones – Soon Never Comes” and “The City is Boring, I Miss Camiguin.”

KRNA is a fairly young Cagayan de Oro band and has been performing regularly all over the city as well as events to make it fairly recognizable already. Its music is mostly indie, rock, electronic dance, and Caribbean in nature. Its music is very energetic and playful, yet sounding deep and promising.

Annalogue is one of well-known and recognizable local bands in the city and has been playing regularly in the city, events, and even all around the province and as far as Iligan City. They describe themselves as “just a bunch of dorks making music.” But listening to their brand of original music will definitely tell they’re no bunch of dorks, very talented as they are.

The Superflirts plays a unique genre called “ska” that you need to listen to and really appreciate. They are one of the very few bands from Cagayan de Oro with an 11-member ensemble and not only feature the usual drums and guitar instruments but also trumpets, trombones, a tenor saxophone, and an alto saxophone. The Superflirts formed in the summer of 2004. Arming themselves with the heavy passion for music and the general love for ska, the band pays great homage to the early sound of Jamaican music, the British two tone movement, and the sultry beats of New Orleans jazz. In the underground circuit they are under the banner of Corridor Music Group. The Superflirts toured ruthlessly around Mindanao in DIY fashion. They managed to land in magazines, were given TV and radio exposures, and even headlined major events with other mainstream bands from Manila and Cebu. Tempered with a smooth and simple yet catchy beat, it is not really hard to love their music, which causes the crowd to dance non-stop.

Bethany is an alternative rock band formed in 2008 in Cebu by 3 brothers, Luis Quibranza III, Angelo Quibranza, and Paolo Quibranza. In 2009, longtime friend and musician Jan Osbert Dela Cerna completed the lineup. The band is primarily known for their melodic songwriting, intricate guitar hooks, and electric live performances.

December Avenue is a Manila-based band affiliated with Sonic Boom Philippines and Tower of Doom.

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