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Inspiring Story: Grade 5 pupil applies for a cleaning job to pay for his school project


source: buzz.definitelyfilipino.net

In a Facebook post by Chruszel Singco Vicente, netizens were touched and amazed by the news about a Grade 5 pupil named Kervy James Villarejo from Jose Catolico Sr. Elementary School in General Santos City who went viral after he walked in a company’s office and applied for a cleaning job position to earn money to be able to pay for his school project.

According to Chruszel Singco Vicente, an employee of the company and one of the witnesses of the actual scene, Kervy went to their office and asked if the company is in need of a helper to sweep and mop the floors or any work that is connected to cleaning.

Grade 5 Student

source: buzz.definitelyfilipino.net

When they asked him why he wanted to do these things, he said that he needs to earn the money to pay his school project.

The employee was touched by the boy’s sincere inquiry and she and her workmates decided to give him money he needed for his project without making him clean in their office.


source: buzz.definitelyfilipino.net

On the other hand, Kervy promised that he will come back to to the company to present his project as a symbol of his gratitude to the kindness given by the employees.

Many people empathized Kervy’s situation and some offered money for his allowance and other needs.

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