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Jana’s Sweet Spot Satisfying Kagay-anons With Deliciously Home-Made Goodies

If Christmas and sweets were humans they would probably be soulmates. As if Christmas would be complete without sweet goodies on the table, right?

Whether it’s a cake, cupcake, cake pops or ice cream cake there has to be a sweetener on Noche Buena and I know just the right person who can offer you the sweetest and most satisfying goodies in Cagayan de Oro City, Jana Abellanosa Galang.

As a child, Jana already loved the idea of baking but it was later on when she realized that it would be a huge part of her life. She was practicing her profession as a nurse when she decided to enroll in a prestigious baking school in Mindanao.

Miss Jana with her Interns

Believing that she would excel as a baker, Jana gave up her profession and became a full-time pastry chef. Little did she know, Kagay-anons would love her desserts much more than she expected. She started from taking orders online to having her very own store. Jana’s Sweet Spot is now a known corner at Cagayan de Oro City offering you the sweetest gift you can give to your loved ones.

If you are thinking of a way right now to make someone’s day extra special and super duper sweet, here are various must-have home-made goodies to surprise that special person:

Cake Pops


KitKat Cakes

Fruit Cakes

It would be amazing to have Jana’s sweet Spot products for Christmas and other special celebrations, right? No worries, Jana’s Sweet Spot offers you affordable packages where you get to enjoy a variety of desserts.

Dessert Buffet Package A – P4,500

*consists 12 kinds of sweet varieties, 24 pieces per variety

*chocolate fountain, mallows, and yogurts included already



-Choco Marble


-Cake Pops

-Chocolate Cupcakes


-Fresh Fruits

-Mini Cupcakes

-Graham Balls

-Cassava Bars

Dessert Buffet Package B – P6,500

*consists 12 kinds of sweet varieties, 24 pieces per variety (same w/ Package A)

*chocolate fountain, mallows, and yogurts included already

*free delivery and set-up

*staff on duty for the entire event

You can also visit and dine at their shop to satisfy your palate with mouthwatering desserts. Jana’s Sweet Spot is located at Capistrano-Akut Sts., fronting Cosmopolitan Memorial Chapel. You can also check their FB Page at The Sweet Spot or give them a call at 0917-719-0404.


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