Karapatan-Northern Mindanao says celebration of Philippine independence in Marawi city fictitious


Source: Karapatan Northern Mindanao FB

According to the Karapatan-Northern Mindanao human rights group, there will be no true independence as long as air strikes in Marawi City continue and Martial Law is there.

In an article from SunStar CdeO, Karapatan-Northern Mindanao said that the celebration of Independence Day in Marawi City is nothing but a show.

The rights group aims to disclose the truth behind the Marawi Crisis.

To them, unless Martial Law is lifted in Mindanao and air strikes are stopped, there is no true Independence Day for the people of Marawi.

The series of airstrikes conducted by the military resulted in a total of P6M damages in Marawi City.

According to the group, the airstrikes will not only kill the terrorists who are hiding in Marawi City but also innocent civilians around the city.

They also added that while Martial Law brings encouragement and justification on the aerial bombardment, this is also disproportionate and could be an overkill response to the rebel groups.

To respond to the humanitarian needs of the victims of Marawi Siege, Karapatan together with other progressive organizations and human rights group,  formed “Kalinaw Mindanao” which aims to help out anyone affected by the crisis in Marawi Crisis especially who are totally displaced from their homes and families.


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