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Keeping our beaches clean this summer season

Keeping our Beaches

Beaches are crowded nowadays since everyone loves to cool off and enjoy their summer vacation. However, some beaches are now crowded not with people but with filthy human garbage.

In 2015, National Geographic put the amount of garbage in the ocean at a staggering 5.25 trillion pieces that have killed a great amount of fish and other endangered species.

Imagine strolling down a beautiful shoreline and then you stepped onto a broken bottle – that would be tragic. We need to take care of our beaches and we need proper guidance to do so. Having fun and also taking of our environment should be our advocacy this summer.

  1. Pick up after yourself


Always remember to pick and throw your trash in the proper garbage bin; small or big garbages can affect the environment. Be a responsible human being by protecting and respecting the environment, since those are your trash then it’s your responsibility to dispose of it properly.

  1.  Avoid usage of plastics, prefer reusable storages
reusable containers


By using reusable containers for packing of foods and drinks can minimize your littering. Do not use plastics because the wind can blow it anywhere when it’s empty and dump it anywhere is possible since it is useless. Also plastic bottles, you can use tumblers for your drinks for saving since it is refillable and can keep your drinks cold.

  1. Bring trash bags
trash bags


Trash bags are very helpful, upon picking your trash you can put directly on the bag for your own convenience of not taking your time in finding the garbage bins, can save your energy and also the environment. And take note, that your trash bag should be disposed on the proper garbage cans, not leaving the area.

  1. Don’t smoke on the beach


Smoking is a hobby to some people but smoking on the beach and throwing the cigarette butt on the sand is not healthy. Do not make the sand as your personal ashtray, better if you go to smoking areas to smoke and dispose of it in a proper way.

  1. Be respectful to others and mind proximity
Respect other beach goers


A beach is a place where anyone can go with, be aware that there are other people who want to enjoy the place. Respecting their privacy is also respecting yourself, do not invade their area because that’s very disgusting. Don’t be too loud because some want to take a rest, you can do the things you want but do have a limitation.

  1. Take note of children
kids on the beach


Kids are always energetic and do things that they want, like swimming and go farther. So be sure to keep an eye with them since beaches are crowded. Tell them no to go farther and be with someone who can watch them closely while swimming. Safety first before anything else!

  1. Be aware of your swimming level


If you are not an expert in swimming, especially in the ocean, make sure to estimate the level of water you are going to. Do not go farther because it can lead your life into danger. Oceans is very unpredictable, it changes tides conditions a day. Just be vigilant while swimming.

  1. Be aware of the weather conditions
weather condition


It is very important in knowing the weather conditions daily in order to be ready for what will happen. If it’s very hot, you can use sunscreen lotion for protection, bring umbrellas to shade from the sun, or when rain pours, you already had a plan how to exit in the area.

  1. Be involved in clean-up activities
cleaning activities


While having fun with your love ones, you can also join in cleaning activities in the areas in order to mingle and socialize with the other troops and to help not just the employees but also the environment.

  1. Do not bring anything from the area or ocean
marine lives


Beach is really lovely and so with the marine lives and corals on it, but be mindful not to bring them at home. If you’re attractive and can’t live without them, always remember that ocean and that area is their home and can cause the ecosystem to be imbalance. And, let other people see how beautiful the area is. Sharing is loving!

Remember that a person might be an expert in any field of knowledge, but without cleanliness, his life is a waste. So, if you drop it, pick it up and if you spill it, wipe up!

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