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“Kulas” of Becoming Filipino shows photo of his safe passage at Iligan/Marawi Checkpoint

kulas in Marami

Source: Becoming Filipino FB Page

Amidst the cloud of fear and confusion in declaring Martial Law in Mindanao, a Canadian blogger from the famous blog Becoming Filipino, Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman, posted on his FB page a photo of him with soldiers who were guarding a checkpoint in Iligan/Marawi.

The post has garnered thousands of likes and shares which according to some netizens showed that it is still peaceful in Mindanao amidst Martial Law – unlike what others are saying that paints a bad light of the decision of President Duterte.

One FB user said, “Thank you for posting this Kulas! It sends a message of hope to locals and foreigners alike that while vigilance and safety are imperative, things are not as bad and hopeless as we are made to believe by other groups with evil intentions.

Another FB user said, “This is martial law right now.. For those who are still living in the time of the70’s please realize the difference. People are not that ignorant anymore. People know their rights nowadays.

Kulas mentioned in his post that he is in awe of the service the military is showing to maintain peace and security. He also said that a soldier told him that the situation in Marawi has died down and hoped the information was true.

See his post below.


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