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Kulas spreads smiles and laughter at evacuation centers in LanaoSur

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Source: Becoming Filipino FB Page

Apir! Kyle Jennerman, a famous Canadian blogger who is behind the blog Becoming Filipino, has been making rounds at evacuation centers in Saguiaran, Lanao del Sur. Known as “Kulas” in the online community, the travel blogger has been spreading smiles and laughter on Maranao evacuees. On his Facebook post in Becoming Filipino, he was surprised at how the Maranaos have been coping with the recent Marawi Siege – which caused them to leave their homes and flee for their lives. To Kulas’ surprise, instead of him offering them food, the evacuees were the first one to offer him something to eat. Kulas sat down with the evacuees and learn some Maranao language and even ate a wax apple which is called “Tambis” in the local tongue.  Watch his video below:


Kulas is also assembling a “TWO DAY TOY DRIVE” to help the children in the evacuation centers to cope with the war and give the something to enjoy.

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