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Lawndale or Kagay-an Resort is Now on its Soft Opening

Feeling the summer heat? Lawndale or Kagay-an Resort is now on its Soft Opening. After the City Government of Cagayan de Oro lost its ownership of this 12-hectare resort years ago, with proper documentation it is now back to business. This projected that almost cost 10 million pesos has been closed for months for improvement.  Away from the city hustle, the resort is surrounded by trees so you can breathe fresh air.

Image Source | Facebook: Fibe Rabaca-Audal

Kagay-an Resort formerly known as Lawndale Resort has 4 swimming pools. One is a 25 meter long and has 7 lanes that are really good for lapping, the other one is shorter so if you want a shorter lap this one is for you. You won’t have to worry about your Kids because they have their own too, the other 2 swimming pool is for Children, it has different depth so you can choose where to let them swim. Considering that there is a lifeguard on duty in front of the swimming pools you still have to watch over your kid’s safety.

Image Source | Facebook: Fibe Rabaca-Audal

It has a P50.00 entrance fee and is very affordable so that it can cater everybody. You can bring your snacks with you but alcoholic beverage is not allowed.  There are cottages where you can leave your things but be sure not to leave your important belongings or better yet, do not bring them with you because this is a public resort. Though there are still facilities that needs to be improved but we’re pretty much sure it will be addressed soon.

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