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Learning Made Fun: XU Psychology Students Create Illusions With Nothing But Their Wits

Learning has always been a hassle. We have been doing it since we were little, from preschool to college and it never gets easy. And although education is one of the ingredients in success, attaining it has never been a breeze, we always have to face challenges along the way.

But, some of us find reasons to make the process a little bearable. We find ways to enjoy each our subjects and even make something fun and amazing out of it.

Recently, this was proven by Xavier University students in their Cognitive Psychology subject. They were tasked to show their talent by applying psychological theories on human sensation and perception, more specifically, ILLUSIONS.

Check out the following natural illusions created by Яеуиаи Ѕаяѕаӏејо Ѕаӏо‘s students:

Note: Students did not use any editing program or manipulation of the environment. They merely used props and certain angles in taking the pictures.

Learning made fun, RIGHT??


Source: Reynan Ѕаrѕаӏејо Ѕаӏо 

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