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Montierra Initial Buyers from Cebu and Elsewhere in Mindanao Want a Second Home in Cagayan de Oro

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June of 2016, Johndorf Ventures Corp. (JVC) launched Montierra, a subdivision with townhouses that are Asian-themed for the middle class, in Cagayan de Oro. Since then, it has been delighted by the reception of the market in Mindanao.

Mid-April when the said Johndorf’s project was introduced in Cebu, presenting it to the brokers with their agents and prospective homeowners wherein quite a number of them settling to buy in time for its launch held last June.

From the initial buyers from Cebu and elsewhere in Mindanao, some of them wanted a second home located in Cagayan de Oro.

JVC sales and marketing manager, Michele Chiu-Bacungan, is confident that Montierra will later “sell like hotcakes” just like what the company underwent with Portville Prime, Portville Mactan, Navona and Astana in Cebu, with Portville Davao in southern Mindanao. Also, she mentioned that the ability of the company to construct 2-storey townhouses more rapid than usual lets turnover of the housing units that also provides earlier returns to the agents and brokers.

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