Oplan Tokhang Part 2 won’t be bloody says Bato; wants priests and pastors to be involved

oplan tokhang part 2 priests

Source: Inquirer & Rorate Caeli

After allegations that the Philippine National Police (PNP) revival of ‘Oplan Tokhang’ would be bloody, General Rolando ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa assured the public that this year’s oplan tokhang won’t be bloody, and discussed new strategies including involving priests and pastors in the operations.

According to reports from Inquirer dated March 5, 2017, Bato disregard the notions that the Oplan Tokhang part 2 would be a blood thirsty campaign. He said he is open to invite priests pastors to allow illegal drug users to surrender.

“It would be preferable if the local parish priest could also accompany them so that they could also help persuade the drug user to go to rehab,” said the PNP chief in the Inquirer article.

Among the new strategies involved in ‘Oplan Tokhang Part 2’ are the following; Policemen doing the operation are mandated to wear body cameras, operations would be led by Municipal Chiefs as well as Barangay Chairs in targeted areas for drug trade, and only local policemen in uniform would be allowed to knock on doors.

In this revival of Operation Tokhang, Dela Rosa said that these operations are aiming at rehabilitating drug users.

Source: Inquirer




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