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OroFunk TV: the newest & funkiest online talk show to kick off this June

orofunk TV

OroFunk TV is a 20-minute digital talk show produced and created by BrandAid and the Orofy App that will have a variety of guests on a weekly basis from key local celebrities, business owners, sports personalities, and Cagayan de Oro influencers.

Shot in some of the best locations around Misamis Oriental, Orofunk TV  also has their home at the WORKSPACE 2nd Floor of the Urban Pod Hotel.

It will be ‘REAL TALK’ with no inhibitions. It’s fresh, fun and filled with flavor. A chance to see your favorite local celebrities being Real. Hosted by R-Funk, the show will be upbeat and filled with surprises since it won’t just be the usual question and answer type of show. It will also have guest do task, dares or missions that you would never expect them to do.


Orofunk TV

The show’s title “OroFunk” is a play on “Oro” which is a coined term for Cagayan de Oro City and R-Funk Ylaya’s name “Funk”, one of CdeO’s most celebrated event host and emcee. The show is a fresh take on a digital talk show format that digs deep into stories and personalities of its guests beyond public’s perception and it is the first of its kind in Cagayan de Oro City.


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