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New Feature: Orofy CdeO Mobile App Rolls Out OroSwerte

orofy cdeo mobile app

Just now, Orofy, a CdeO mobile app, released a new feature giving users the chance to win discounts from participating local establishments in Cagayan de Oro. Exclusive for Orofy users, OroSwerte is an entertaining random discount generator which can be played by just tapping on your mobile screens.

Curious about the mechanics of the new Orofy feature? Now, get your mobile phones and start getting discounts today! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Oroswerte Section of Orofy. Click the button of Oroswerte, and wait for the app to generate a winning store for you!  
  2.  The app will automate a random code for you. You will use this code to claim your discount.    
  3. Visit and show the code to the winning store for verification purposes. Once verified, lucky winners can get their promos and enjoy the discounts!

As long as you have installed the Orofy app, whether you are a local or a tourist, you can always have the chance to win discounts. However, NOTE these following important reminders regarding the consumption of the discount once you’ve won.

  • Users can only spin once a day.
  • Promo valid for 1 day only. Each user is qualified to spin daily.
  • The app automatically resets your eligibility on a daily basis, that means you get to enjoy discounts daily as well.
  • Users can try their luck again the following day.
  • The real-time discount awarded to the user is completely random
  • Your discounts can be claimed only on the winning store.
  • Can only claim the discounts only at the store’s CDO branch.

orofy cdeo mobile app

Now, don’t miss your chance of winning a discount today! Try your luck and play “OroSwerte”.

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