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Maranao Educator pushes peace education to eradicate violent extremism


Apart from restoring the historical sites and landmarks that were ravaged during the Marawi crisis, a Maranao educator is urging the country’s education officials to make the rebuilding effort an opportunity to revisit the education curriculum.  

In an article from, a cultural anthropologist, Dr. Nagasura T. Madale said it is important to strengthen peace education to prevent the growth of violent extremism especially in areas affected by the violence incurred by the terrorist groups.

Madale emphasizes that the concept of peace and nonviolence instead must be taught in schools and universities to resolve conflicts.

Madale added that it is also important for everyone to understand the various peoples of Mindanao and the rest of the country, in order to increase our society’s collective capacity to address the phenomenon of extremism and radicalism.

Thus, rebuilding Marawi is about cultivating a society that embraces social cultural, political and religious diversity. There is a need for the national community to be respectful to the aspiration of various people.

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