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Person of Interest in Rotoras Murder Case Undergoes Hospital Arrest

Mugshot Photo by Nef Luczon

Architect Rey Galua, the person of interest in the murder of the late Dr. Ricardo Rotoras who was recently arrested for possessing illegal weapons is now currently under hospital arrest.

CIDG Chief Investigator SPO4 Noel Oclarit said that this was due to the request of Galua’s doctor when he experienced severe chest pains yesterday.

Galua was brought to the Polymedic Medical Plaza. But he is due for inquest proceedings by the CIDG-10 this afternoon for his crimes against the city regarding his ownership of unregistered and dangerous firearms.

The architect’s side is said to request for a 10-day period in order to defend his claims for CIDG’s confiscated weapons.

Furthermore, Atty. Arturo Ubaub (Galua’s defense attorney) stated that they are also waiting for the formal filing of CIDG’s case if Galua is implicated in Rotoras’ death.



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