Philippine Troops Rescue 17 Hostages of ISIS-backed Terrorists

17 ISIS hostages rescued by Philippine Military

Source: Reuters

In an article by Benar News Website, Philippine military troops penetrated the final defense area of the ISIS-backed terrorist groups in the war-torn Marawi City through a night undercover offensive and rescued at least 17 hostages last Wednesday, October 4.

Among those who were rescued at the camp of the terrorists in Baraang Lumbac Maranaut is a group of teachers of Dansalan College who claimed that there are some 40 hostages left at the camp of the terrorists.

During the firefight, military troops managed to distract the rebels and immediately chanced to lead the said hostages out of the camp.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana confirmed that there are nine men and eight women making up the 17 rescued individuals.

However, he did not give any more details as it might jeopardize the operation and put the lives of the remaining hostages at risk.

It can be remembered that a number of people were taken as hostages when the war in Marawi City broke out last May of this year.

To date, there are already at least 749 militants and 155 soldiers and police who were killed in the ongoing armed battle in the city.

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