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Pinay OFW was hanged in Kuwait for killing her employer’s daughter

Original Image Source: Inquirer

A Filipina Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) was executed for killing her Kuwaiti employer’s daughter last Wednesday.

According to an article from Inquirer, Jakatia Pawa, 41, was hanged just hours after tearfully calling her brother from Kuwait to inform him of her execution schedule. Pawa was convicted for murder 10 years ago and was still pleading not guilty.

Pawa had been working as a maid for five years before the 2007 killing. The government had pursued different methods to save Pawa, and even seek clemency in 2010 from the Kuwaiti government.

Duterte’s spokesperson said all efforts and assistance was provided to Pawa to assure her legal rights and even asked for “appeals of compassion” to the Kuwaiti authorities.

However, these efforts could no longer obstruct the Kuwaiti laws and Pawa was scheduled for execution. The family’s victim refused to accept blood money and demanded her death sentence.

Source: Inquirer Net

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