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Plaza de los Heroes – A Significant Piece Unknown To Most Kagay-anons

For a city that bares historical significance during the Philippine-American war, a certain landmark in our city still lies a bit unknown to a lot of Kagay-anons and the people of Cagayan de Oro.

This landmark is called “Plaza de los Heroes“, a memorial park dedicated to the heroes of the Three Battles of Cagayan de Oro during the Philippine-American War in the 1900’s, which can be found along Mastersons Avenue in upper Carmen.

Plaza de los Heroes (Photo credits to: Noel Autor)

Plaza de los Heroes” is made of three trapezoid shaped vertical concrete slabs positioned at about the same angle from each other. Within the slabs are names of war heroes that have had significant roles in during the war on towards our fight for independence.

Plaza de los Heroes (Photo credits to: Noel Autor)

The names of the Heroes are grouped into: Men of the Mindanao Battalion, Women of the Revolution, Financiers of the revolution, Heroes of the Battle of Agusan Hill, The Heroes in the Battle of Macahambus Hill June 4, 1900 and The Heroes in the Battle of Cagayan de Misamis.

Although it carries such a huge significance in our city’s history, not may Kagay-anons know about the landmark and the story it brings, partly because of its location.

Plaza de los Heroes @ Masterson Avenue

If you happen to pass by Masterson Avenue, it might be great to visit the landmark see the names that fought for our beloved city.

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