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Police Forces Resume War Against Drugs

Starting Tuesday, December 5, police forces all over the country are resuming their anti-drug campaign after the termination of Project Tokhang issued by President Rodrigo Duterte last month.

An article by stated that Police Superintendent Lemuel Gonda of Police Regional Office (NorthMin) said that they are now waiting for directives to formally start the operation.

The police are very glad about this decision. Mostly because they’re aware that the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is lacking the required personnel and they are more than willing assist.

Gonda also said that their offices are currently accepting reports of any drug-related incidents/persona which will help in improving their coordination with PDEA. He also expressed that they’re not worried about issues such as evidence planting and extrajudicial killings because none of this ever happened in the region.

Although for transparency affairs, they will utilize body cameras, in order to put more focus on internal cleansing and allow other sectors to join/witness the ops.

President Duterte already signed the said memorandum order for the renewal of this operation. And will it include different police divisions, the National Bureau of Investigation and all units involved in the fight against drug abuse.



Southeast Asia Globe Magazine

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