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Police frees CDeO teacher who was caught slapping a traffic enforcer

Teacher freed after he slapped a traffic enforcer in cdeo


A police-held Macabalan National High School teacher named Reynold Distar was freed by authorities when the traffic enforcer, whom he allegedly slapped and spitted in public, took back his charges against the teacher.

In an article from, RTA Enforcer John Elmar Arnaiz became the subject of Bistar’s alcohol-influenced agitation last night while he was riding his motorcycle along the Velez-Echem junction last night.

However, Arnaiz did not file a case anymore but instead accused the teacher of violating the traffic rules so that he will keep it in mind the next time he drives.

Upset with the teacher’s misdemeanor, the Department of Education (DepEd) Cagayan de Oro Director Rosalio Vitorillo reminded teachers especially the male ones who are alcohol drinkers to be aware of their actions and respect their profession.

He also made it certain that no one from the department will not tolerate any misconducts involving teachers.

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