PPA Announces Philippines’ Largest Waterway Project

According to a Facebook post by Mindanao Economic Boom, the Philippines’ largest waterway project, Panguil-Pagadian Waterway, is soon to serve as the Suez Canal of Mindanao.

This was confirmed with the Philippine Ports Authority or PPA’s recently finished bidding for the feasibility study of the said waterway.

The project is enlisted under Private-Public Partnership, and it is expected to shorten travel time of ships heading to the southern coast of Mindanao while decreasing the price of transported goods due to the saved time and fuel.

Photo by Mindanao Economic Boom, Note: Waterway photos for REPRESENTATION ONLY.

Below is a photo of the Notice of Award for the winning company who will receive over 37 million pesos which will be used for the feasibility study of the said project:

Photo by Philippine Ports Authority



Source: Mindanao Economic Boom

Note: Waterway photos for REPRESENTATION ONLY.


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  • I could save the government the 37 million they are spending on a feasibility study: The canal is going to have to climb at least 100 meters over a distance of 500 meters and then drop back down the same height over the same distance on the other side of the 2-kilometer wide ridge that sits astride the entire narrow. The Panama Canal only rises a quarter as much. It’s theoretically possible, but it would be exceedingly expensive to build, and exceedingly expensive to operate. I personally think it will never be built.

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