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President Duterte Assures to Double Salary of Public School Teachers

Photos by Inquirer.Net

Teachers are one of the country’s most important human resource. Soldiers and police officers defend our safety; doctors and nurses protect our health, and teachers care and prepare our children’s for the future. They are one of few characters that influence our youth for the careers they want to pursue.

In the past year, Duterte has increased the salaries of police officers and soldiers. Now, he plans to give public school teachers the reward they deserve by doubling their pay.

According to an article by Inquirer.Net, this increase will be funded through the current administration’s second tax reform package as stated by Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque.

“Judging by what he wanted for the PNP and the AFP, it could be that he is also aiming to double the entry salary for teachers,” Roque said.

As of now, public school teachers’ salaries range from P19,000 to P43,000, depending on their achieved level. They also get allowances and bonuses each year.

This announcement was made when Roque was discussing the DepEd’s decision in raising a teacher’s chalk and clothing allowance by P1,000.




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