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‘Pulso sa katawhan’ – CDO 1st Rep Uy on Voting Yes for Death Penalty

Source: Rappler

In a report from Bombo Radyo Cagayan de Oro, 1st Representative Rolando Klarex Uy clarified that he was only following the sentiments of the public. He made the statement after he was being questioned by religious sectors on his vote for the return of the death penalty in the country.

The religious sector has also asked Cagayan de Oro 2nd Rep Maxi Rodriguez Jr. who also voted for the resumption of the death penalty and 13 other representatives from Norther Mindanao who also voted yes.

“Pulso sa katawan¬†gisubay ko,” Rep Uy said that he was only following the public sentiments with his vote.

Last March 7, 2017, during the final reading of House Bill 4727, a total 217 lawmakers voted yes, while only 54 others said no and one abstained.

House Bill 4727 seeks to allow judges to punish perpetrators of drug-related crimes with either life imprisonment or death penalty. This allows execution of either through hanging, lethal injection, or firing squad.

The bill did not include crimes such as rape, plunder, and murder which made the bill even more controversial as many have been clamoring for the resumption of death penalty for the mentioned crimes.

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