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“Pusod Falls”, Opol’s Newly Discovered Tourist Destination

Photos by Opol Tourism

In a recent post by Opol Tourism, they revealed a new discovery of a possible tourist destination. According to the details, they have named this location as the “Pusod Falls”, which is located at Malanang, Opol, Misamis Oriental.

Pusod Falls is an untouched beauty of nature with unique characteristics. During the inspection by Opol’s tourism officers and staff, they have recorded that it has the longest flow of water in the area. It is also composed of at least 5 mini falls and various water pools throughout its length.

This is definitely an amazing discovery for the province which will add to the long list of reasons why the Tourism Industry is booming. If you’re not convinced with just words, the pictures below will show you the potential of Pusod Falls’ captivating beauty:

Pusod Falls’ amazing view and clean waters.

A tourism officer enjoying one of the location’s Mini Falls.

One of Pusod Falls’ features.

Various formations made by nature.

Underwater Caves!

Opol Tourism officers & staff.

Mini Falls.


Source: Opol Tourism

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